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with Michelle Griffith-Robinson

Michelle Griffith-Robinson

Michelle Griffith-Robinson is an Olympian, a life coach, trainer and also a proud wife and mother of three beautiful children.

Michelle represented Great Britain for two decades as a Triple Jumper. She competed at the highest level, including at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. A career highlight was being the first woman to jump over 14 metres in the Commonwealth. As Michelle says: Who would have thought a young girl from Wembley from a working class family would go on to break barriers?

When she retired in 2006, she was already established as a successful Personal Trainer. While working with clients, she realised just how much physical fitness is attached to a positive mindset – that to achieve our ambitions we must first believe in ourselves.

In her sporting career, her sole focus was performing to the best of her ability, each and every time. Achieving goals was top priority. Today, her priorities have changed but her mindset is still the same.

Combining her passion for fitness and personal growth, Michelle focuses on delivering coaching and mentoring to individuals and organisations, and has worked with Nike, Pfeizer, Kent Police and the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, to name just a few.

Michelle’s goal now is to be a role model for her children and inspire others to achieve their dreams. In this masterclass, Michelle shows you how important it is to have confidence in yourself, not just to achieve but to live a happier, more fulfilled life. We discuss the difference between lack of confidence and lack of motivation, how to figure out what’s holding you back and the importance of accountability when it comes to living your life in a way that makes you happy and fulfilled.

I loved this conversation with Michelle; it’s fun, upbeat and like chatting in your kitchen with your best friend who’s got your back. I know you will too…

Download the workbook for this class under the ‘workbook’ tab for this course and use it in conjunction with the video workshop. The points and takeaways listed are to remind you of key messages from each section and give you the opportunity to make your own notes and observations as you work through each part.

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