Your Foundation. Your Mindset. Your Success.

Welcome to the Live, Learn, Thrive Foundation Course!

Like any new type of exercise, even for the mind, you first need to warm up and make sure you are conditioned for success.

This is what the Foundation Course is for!

In this course, you’ll learn how to feel strong, confident and vibrant in a way that is suited to you.

Build the right foundation for your success with The Foundation Course.

We’re in an age where endlessly scrolling on our phones, whenever and wherever, has become the new norm. We’ve all done it. Standing in line waiting at a coffee shop, then we reach into our pocket and take out our phone.

Before we know it, we’ve been standing there for five minutes, mindlessly scrolling and consuming damaging content!

So, how can we take this habit and turn it into something that will improve our lives?

Instead of looking at mass amounts of content that makes us feel angry, unhappy and not good enough, we should be consuming content that makes us feel empowered, strong and productive!

We’ve got just the thing…!

You've got this.

You’re here because you want to feel better, and we want to help you get there. We know the journey is a tough one, but it’s worth it. It’s time for you to start feeling better about yourself and your life.


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The Foundation Course is like any new type of exercise, even for the mind.

The Foundation Course helps you make the positive shift to your mindset. Learn how to feel strong, confident and vibrant in a way that suits you best. Build the right foundation for your success!


Lifetime access to the Foundation Course.

These are skills that anyone can learn, and we want you to have access to them forever. That’s why the Foundation Course comes with lifetime access—so you can make sure you’re coming back for more.

Get yourself ready for success.


Let’s see you thrive.



Andrea x

What you get


MILESTONE 1: Re-Discover your true self

PART 1: How to tell if you’re ‘Just existing’

PART 2: Really living vs Just existing

PART 3: Being true to ourselves

PART 4: Rediscover your true self

PART 5: Overview

MILESTONE 2: How to figure out what you really want

MILESTONE 3: Breaking negative patterns

PART 1: Your body and you

PART 2: Brain hooks

PART 3: Shifting your line of vision

PART 4: The beauty of gratitude


MILESTONE 1: The fear factor

PART 1: Why you’re scared of trying

PART 2: The gossiping brain

PART 3: Confront your worst fears

PART 4: You are the author of your life

MILESTONE 2: Sometimes it’s not them, it’s you

PART 1: Which kind of friend are you?

PART 2: Which kind of partner are you?

PART 3: What kind of employee are you?

PART 4: Laugh at it or learn from it – You choose

PART 5: Why words matter

PART 6: Cultivate a positive mindset

MILESTONE 3: Would you live up to your eulogy?

PART 1: A little inspiration to get you going

PART 2: Looking for the lesson

PART 3: Would you live up to your eulogy?

MILESTONE 1: What is thriving anyway?

PART 2: We’re all a mixture of shit and brilliance

PART 3: The difference between winging it and winging it

PART 4: Not knowing doesn’t cut it

PART 5: How to create a brilliant, balanced life

PART 6: Embrace the grit that makes the pearl

MILESTONE 2: How to know when your dreams have come true

PART 1: The power of visualisation

PART 2: Setting the destination

PART 3: Thank your obstacles

PART 4: Seeing the dream through

PART 5: How do you know when your dreams have come true?

PART 6: Get ready to reset