Milestone 1: THE FEAR FACTOR

Introduction to Learn:

Deep down, we know that fear stops us from doing certain things. Generally, that’s a good thing because otherwise we’d be leaping off cliffs and believing we can jump over speeding cars. Fear is in our brain to protect us – either from ourselves and our own stupidity or from the dangers of the world in which we live.

But it’s our fear of failure that stops us in our tracks…

The key thing to remember however, is that the times you get things wrong aren’t failures, they’re just attempts. They teach you something because the next time you try, you’ll do it differently. 

Next time, you’ll do it another way. And if that fails, you’ll try it another way and another and another until it finally works.

Remember, Einstein didn’t wake up one morning, discover the theory of relativity before lunch and then receive the Nobel Prize for Physics by teatime. Success in any form takes time and effort. Besides, if you don’t get things wrong, how will you know when you’re right?