PART 1: How to Tell if You’re ‘Just Existing’

In order to move away from how you’re living your life now towards a way of life that works in the best possible way for you, let’s take a look at things as they are right now. How most of us are living can barely be called living, I would call it ‘just existing’…

Is this you?

Sometimes it’s hard to know – we can become so accustomed to the way our life is that we find comfort in our discomfort. A familiarity.

It sounds crazy, but we can get so used to feeling stuck, anxious, stressed and unhappy that it becomes our normal.

Even more strangely, any movement away from those feelings can unsettle us. We’ve strayed into unfamiliar territory and our worried brain kicks in to warn us to return to a

pattern of thoughts and behaviour that it’s used to.

Remember: There’s no such thing as a perfect life – one without pain, suffering, boredom, irritation.

Any of these will pop up at some time or another. So, the difference between ‘just existing’ and ‘really living’ is balance.

Head to your workbook and have a look at the questions and have a think about those that apply to you and your life.

I’ll see YOU in Part 2, where we’ll be looking at the difference between Really Living and Just Existing.