Part 3: Would You Live Up To Your Eulogy?

The following is an exercise that I do sometimes to remind myself to stay positive when it feels as if everything’s going wrong. It may seem negative, but trust me: it works.

Imagine your eulogy being read by a loved one at your funeral. It’s a weird feeling, but it does make you think. Would they mention your so‐called ‘failings’ or would they talk about everything you tried your best to be? How would they see you, compared with how you see yourself?

Congratulations, you have completed Part 3 AND this Milestone!

I will see you in STEP 3: THRIVE where you will learn to accept that you, just like everyone else on Earth, are a mixture of shit and brilliance – and that’s a GREAT thing! And you will learn how to recognise when your dreams have in fact come true.

I can’t wait to see you there!