PART 6: Cultivate a Positive Mindset

In this part we’ll be asking some questions to challenge your negative self‐talk and help you work towards reframing your thoughts to more positive ones:

1. Are you being truly honest with yourself right now?

2. What kind of words are you surrounded by?

3. How do you talk to yourself?

Stop being your own Mean Girl.

Take control of your mind, your own happiness. It’s your responsibility, no one else’s. You’re in control! We all have decisions to make in life, and while it can seem easier in the short term to wallow in misery and miserable company, you can make the decision to choose to think differently. It really is down to you.

Congratulations! You have completed MILESTONE 2.

If you thought the Milestone about overcoming fear was difficult, this one must have been an absolute stinker for you – so well done for getting through it!

In this Milestone you have learned:

  • Sometimes, you are the one who’s holding you back – so get out of your own way and stop making excuses.
  • Unless they tell us, we have no idea what others are thinking, or why they’re behaving the way they are; so we invent stories to suit what we think is happening and then make that our truth. So check your facts.
  • The words we use when we talk to ourselves, and to frame the events around us, have an enormous effect on us; using the right words can shift our perspective from a negative to a positive one.
  • If there’s a problem in our lives right now, rather than dwelling on it, we can think about what we can learn from it or how we can find humour in it.

In Module 3, you will be learning how to fail. That may sound a little strange – surely it’s something you’re NOT supposed to do! Sure, but it’s also the one thing you are absolutely guaranteed to do, so you may as well learn how to do it spectacularly! I’ll see you there…