Part 6: Embrace The Grit That Makes The Pearl

With everything we do in life, there’ll always be a mixture of shit and brilliance. Sometimes everything will go amazingly – you’ll do this course, get fired up with confidence and truly believe that you can do all the things you ever wished you could.

By the way, can I say right now that YES, YOU’RE AMAZING, and YES, YOU CAN DO IT! That’s the brilliant bit.

The other bit is that you have to do it yourself – no one is going to do ‘it’ for you. I like to think of that bit as the grit that makes the pearl.

This is where you find out how to make your grit work for you so that it becomes something beautiful.

Congratulations! You have completed this Milestone. In this section you have learned that our idea of thriving doesn’t really meet the reality of it, the difference between winging it because you don’t care and winging it because you are flexible and adaptable to change. And finally, accepting that everyone is just as shit and just as brilliant as you are, which means you have just as much potential for success as they do.

In the next Milestone, we’ll be looking at how you know when your dreams have come true… because they may not look exactly as you thought they would.