In Stage 1 – LIVE, the first part of this incredible journey that you are now on, you are going to learn all about your beautiful self, about why you are feeling as stuck as you are right now, and all the ways in which you will feel not just better about yourself, but strongermore vibrant and more excited about your life than ever before!

As this is all about you, you are going to be asking yourself a lot of questions to understand why you’re feeling the way you are. This will help you make sense of things and guide you towards a way of living that makes you feel not just good but GREAT!

By the time you finish this FIRST STAGE of the course, you will have:

  • Flagged up the things in your life that are holding you back
  • Listened to the stress signals your body is sending you and taken steps to work with yourself not againstyourself
  • Figured out what makes you happy and how you can do more of it!
  • Worked through your reasons and excuses and have taken MASSIVE ACTION towards doing what makes you feel GREAT
  • Learned how to focus on your solutions not your problems
  • Taken responsibility for the changes you want to make in your life
  • Put positive hooks and triggers in place to remind yourself how brave you can be and how EXCITED you are about what you can achieve
  • Changed your thought patterns to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want
  • Become grateful for everything you have right now

You already have everything you need to feel this way, and we are going to help you find it!

I am also a massive fan of music and how it can hugely impact your emotions and how it can take you back to those safe places and beautiful moments. So I have created the This Girl Is On Fire – LIVE, LEARN, THRIVE Playlist for when you need reminding that we’ve got you.

Download the Playlists and the workbook for this class under the ‘workbook’ tab for this course and use it in conjunction with the video workshop. The points and takeaways listed are to remind you of key messages from each section and give you the opportunity to make your own notes and observations as you work through each part.