Welcome to Stage 3 of this Foundation Course. You have done so well so far, looking deep into yourself and the reasons you have been thinking and behaving in the way you do, digging into your deepest fears and staring your future self in the face – a scary thought in itself! By now you will be feeling excited about what’s in store for you here, charged up and ready to make this third and final transformation into choosing a life you love.

By the time you finish this stage you will have learned

  • At some point, we all have to wing it, and whether we’re winging it at work or in our personal life, it could all go brilliantly or it could all go to shit.
  • To take charge of our own destiny, we need to know what we’re aiming for: if we don’t know our goal, how will we know when we’ve reached it?
  • Nothing in life is as perfect as it looks on the outside: we all have a piece of grit that makes life uncomfortable – but that grit can make a pearl.
  • Your dream will come true if you believe in yourself, work very hard and put yourself out there to fail.
  • Your dream that has come true won’t look the way you imagined it. It won’t be exactly the same.
  • Visualising our future working out in the way we want it to can help us achieve our dreams and goals.
  • We shouldn’t see every obstacle as a reason to stop or think that we’ve failed.
  • Things are happening in the order they’re supposed to, rather than in the order we want them to. We are getting there.
  • Turning our dreams into goals that we can work towards makes the unobtainable perfectly possible.

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Download the workbook for this course under the Workbook Tab and use it in conjunction with the Stage 3 – Thrive Milestones. Use it to write your answers and notes as you work yourself through this final stage.