Media Training

Speaking in public.
What’s the worst that
could happen?
Potentially… everything!

That’s why I help you say and do the right thing in front of the world’s media so you don’t ruin your business.

Being an expert in your given field may make you a natural when it comes to telling your story or selling your brand in your own environment, but what if you’re now being asked to put yourself and your brand outside of this and into the media spotlight?

This makes the best of people lose themselves and say the craziest of things, especially when it comes to talking on TV, radio, podcasts or to print media, where one simple slip or throw away comment can make the difference between soaring success or crushing failure.

This is where I come in…

The skills I teach will help you in all of these these high-pressure environments plus…..


  • Full Media preparation.
  • How to keep control when the pressure is on.
  • How to use your body to look and feel confident, and project this to the audience.
  • How to address the elephant in the room.
  • Get your message across with integrity.
  • Understanding your audience and environment.
  • What not to say under pressure or in jest.
  • The cost of a throw away comment.
  • The tools you need to handle it like a pro on ANY global platform.
  • How to make people know, like and trust you and your brand!

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