Good Vibes, Good Life: How self-love is the key to unlocking your greatness by Vex King

Some might say that the act of self-love is an indulgence which few can afford. It feels a bit, you know… up yourself. Like “Who do you think you are, loving yourself like that?” The mind sneers like a spikey teenager whenever we try. It’s hard to get your head around sometimes, without thinking that those people who do love themselves are somehow blessed. That life must have worked out so well for them that it’s easy for them to love who they are. It’s alright for them, but that would never work for me…

Welcome to the This Girl Is On Fire Book Club! We are so excited to launch our book club, we have been wanting to do this since we launched TGIOF – now we are ready and we hope you are too.

I‘ve always been a bookworm, and have had my nose buried in books since my first Famous Five and Nancy Drew adventures. Nick is more of an audio book kinda guy, but he still listens to a couple of books a month, usually while driving on his own in the car. Me? I like to hold a book in my hand, fold down pages, and when it’s something non-fiction, scribble notes in the margin. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good made-up story, but with both Nick and myself, our passion for reading/listening comes from authors who have something personal to say; whether it is educational, humorous or just simply talking about experiences that can help you through a certain stage of your life. And that is what this Book Club is about! We won’t just be putting out the same books you’ll see in every bookstore, or bringing you authors you’ll necessarily have heard of, but every book we feature is one that we think will resonate with you and give you some takeaways to apply in your own life.

Why not start your own book club with friends and neighbours and get them involved too? Make it a once a month social thing where you get together and discuss the book as a group, obviously with wine! Not sure how to start one? These book club tips should help.

We really are so excited to bring this to our community and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the books we recommend. Comment below or go to our social channels @OfficialTGIOF and use #TGIOFBookclub

Love Andrea & Nick xx