It’s Not You It’s Me by Camilla Sacre Dallerup

Andrea McLean

Many of you will remember Camilla as the beautiful dancer from the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing who left on a high after winning the glitterball with celebrity dance partner Tom Chambers. Since then, Camilla has been using her 25 years of experience as a top athlete to show others how they can focus on believing in themselves, taking control of their dreams and working towards making them a reality – whatever they may be. She has been living and working in Los Angeles as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist and is also Head Judge on the New Zealand version of Dancing With The Stars.

Her third and latest book ‘It’s Not You It’s Me – How to heal your relationship with yourself and others’ brings together everything Camilla has learned during this time, not only about herself but through her training and coaching experience, also the clients she helps. It is a guide book which gives examples then shows you in practical ways how to use her techniques in ways that work for you individually; you are invited to use a notebook to jot things down, to ask yourself difficult questions and answer them honestly. She invites you to take the time to know and love yourself as much as you would anyone else in your life. What I enjoyed about the book is Camilla’s honesty. We would all love to simply blame everyone and everything else for all the terrible things that happen to us in our life, but there are times when taking a long, hard look at our own behaviour is the only way to move through our pain. No one wants to do this, ever! But by owning up to her own shortcomings and showing how she worked through them she makes it easier for us to do the same. We may hate to admit that sometimes it’s us that’s holding ourselves back, but once we do there’s no stopping us.