This Too Shall Pass: Stories of Change, Crisis and Hopeful Beginnings by Julia Samuel

Andrea McLean

In these uncertain times I wanted to bring you a book that will support you and help you work through your individual experience of being in global lockdown. I thought long and hard about what book to bring you this month; a go-getting confidence-building book wasn’t right, nor was one filled with sunny optimism – none of these sat with the global mood of fear, uncertainty and change.

Then I found this book.

Julia Samuel is a psychotherapist, who has spent countless hours with her patients helping them to process and cope during their times of change. Considering that change is part of the natural order of things – we know that nothing ever stays the same – as humans we have a strong resistance to something that should come naturally to us, we all find transformation of any kind painful. Through hours of conversations with her patients, Julia discusses change and transformation through every kind of personal crisis that we experience as humans.

Hearing these stories from both patient and therapist viewpoint is fascinating and there are lessons for all of us here, no matter what our story. The book covers love, work, family, health and identity, and each one gives us not just a fascinating insight into other people’s lives but also some takeaway in terms of our own ego; what would we do? At the end of the book there is a segment called: The Eight Pillars of Strength for Times of Change which I would recommend reading anyway as it is so relevant to where we find ourselves now at this point in history. We could all do with someone explaining to us why we are feeling the way we do right now, why we are reacting the way we are, and how we can best support ourselves and those we love during this unprecedented time of change. The best way to do that, Julia recommends, is to be a loving friend, partner or family member who listens without judgement, something we can all aspire to be and do.