PART 4: You are the Author of Your Life

What is the story you’re telling, both yourself and others? We tell ourselves stories about our own behaviour and others, to justify or explain, in a way that either makes us feel better about something we have done or justifies our response to something others have done. Either way, these stories are RARELY TRUE.

Remember: We don’t see things as they really are – we see them as we are. 

Congratulations! You have just completed MILESTONE 1 The Fear Factor. 

In this Milestone you have learned

  • We’re all afraid of things, but we can work out what we can do to take that fear away.
  • We can ask ourselves whether our fear is real or imagined – are we just ‘gossiping’ with ourselves and it’s rational to feel some fear, but we should keep our emotions appropriate to the situation and not make it into something it’s not.
  • We should remember that things are never as they seem – instead, they are as we see them. And we can choose to see them differently.

In the next Milestone, you’ll be asking yourself some brutally honest questions about your thoughts and behaviour and figuring out if the world really is against you, or whether you have brought some of the things that are happening to you on to yourself. Don’t panic – it’s a good thing, because it means you are in control and can stop it!

Take a deep breath, and I’ll see you in Milestone 2